Best smartphones in India

Given the enormous number of smartphones launched in the market, deciding on the perfect phone remain a herculean task. We shortlist the best phones so that you can pick the perfect one.

Choose wisely

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Best phones under your budgets

How to navigate

Click on the amount that falls under your budget, it will lead to the respective post. We have listed the smartphones from the latest to the oldest with a brief summary.  We hope the summary will help you to pick the latest phones with the best configuration and of course under your budget.

Smartphone Launches & Pricing

New smartphones are launched in the market every fortnight and they are very powerful than the previous models. Their prices are also aggressive making it difficult for you to choose the right one. We are crazy about phones, we follow the launches and of course keep a tab on the prices. We read reviews, interpret “customer feedbacks” and based on our opinion, list out the best phones for you. Our list of best is easy for you to pick the best.

Posts are frequently updated

We update the posts when there are new releases, price changes, customer feedbacks or when the product is off the shelf. However, you will get to see new posts with similar titles and fresh information. If you land in the old post, we will direct you to the lastest posts.

Our shortlisting process

Technical Specifications: The technical specifications of a smartphone matters most. We review them spec by spec and compare them with the competitors.

Performance: Every smartphone launched in the market are almost equally powerful with similar processors, storage capacity, RAM, display types etc. Storage and RAM capacity does not influence the cost anymore and you don’t need flagship mobile to play your favorite PUBG game.All we need is the best under our budget.

Build Quality: We like sturdy phones that can withstand accidental fall. Yet we want the phone to look premium, elegant and fresh and there is one.

Consumer Feedback: We follow several sources where consumer leave their feedback. We analyze them and summarize it in our blogpost. We hear your feedback too, please connect to our Facebook page.