Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Launched

Xiaomi announced the launch of Mi True Wireless 2 earphones, they say it has improved design, excellent sound quality and the price is at the best. This earphone features 14.2 mm large speaker with a large composite dynamic coil.

The company claims the True Wireless 2 earphone’s bass is full and deep, the mid-range is soft and natural and the high frequency sounds are bright and clear.

Mi True Wireless 2 & Apple Airpods

The Mi True Wireless 2 does resemble Apple Airpods and one cannot make out which one is in your ears. However, it does differ a lot in terms of functionality, quality and of course the price.

Mi True Wireless 2 Features

Mi True Wireless 2 Earphones
Mi True Wireless 2 Earphones

The Mi True Wireless 2 should and will connect to all Bluetooth enabled smartphone, there is no doubt in it. However, it will seamlessly connect with latest MIUI enabled phones.

If you have the latest MIUI enabled smartphone, the True Wireless 2 will connect as soon as you open the charging case. A pop-up window will automatically open the Bluetooth pairing. It is fast and connects automatically!

Here’s some specifications that may interest you.

  • Dual microphone employs integrated environment noise reduction technology, which will also ensure high definition voice recognition and sound quality
  • LHDC Bluetooth high definition tone – for perfect sound performance and quality. LHDC means Low Latency & High-Definition Audio Codec.
  • Built in optical sensors detects if you are wearing the earphones in real time. When you remove the earphone, the playback will stop automatically and when you put it back, the playback will start.
  • Double-tap to access music, call or voice assistant – you need not reach the phone to call, use voice assistant or play music.

The Mi Wireless Earphones 2 is launched Globally and all the specifications is there in the company website. In India, the coronavirus lockdown is going to be there until mid-April 2020 post which the consumers will be able to buy.


It is too early to discuss about the battery life. On a single charge, the battery should last for more or less four hours and give a standby of 14 hours.


The True Wireless Earphones 2 is launched at €79.99, ₹.6690.00 when converted to Indian rupees. The cost is about 44% lesser than the least priced Apple Airpods.