OnePlus 7T Review

The OnePlus users wouldn’t wait until the reviews are out to buy their favorite smartphone. If you are a OnePlus fan and the OnePlus 7T is coming under your budget, you will be owning it by now. For those new to the brand, buying OnePlus 7T can be a right decision.

OnePlus 7T
OnePlus 7T

OnePlus 7T review

The OnePlus 7T is there in the market for several months’ now and I have not come across any bad reviews yet. Let’s see what some top influencers has to say about this flagship smartphone by OnePlus.

Technical Guruji

While doing the unboxing of the OnePlus 7T smartphone, Gaurav of Technical Guruji was full of praise for the phone and several things that he pulled out from the box. I was very impressed by the unboxing video and I did wish to own one.

One cannot expect more from an unboxing video other the smartphone features and contents inside the box. It takes couple of months for somebody to come out with in-depth review after hands on experience with the phone.

The Technical Guruji video was helpful to know what was inside the box and how premium the phone looked. It was fun watching Gaurav un-boxing the OnePlus 7T, taking out the contents from the box, like the cleaning cloth, the phone cases, Bluetooth earphones and finally the glacier blue finish smart phone.

He does talk about some features like 7T’s 90 Hz responsive display, fast charging ability, video stabilization, fingerprint sensor, face unlock, Dolby Atoms speakers and so on. The complete features are available in OnePlus website and also in Amazon. He showed a demo with the OnePlus 7T video stabilization that was just awesome!

It’s been several months now since the launch of this flagship model and the price have also come down a bit. While writing this post the 7T was trending at Re 1 less from Rs. 35000/-

I did come across a quick review where the person was not happy with the phone case. The OnePlus 7T phone case is awesome but it has a flap to cover the USB port to prevent dust from going inside. It’s a good thing but again it’s an individual opinion.

Do you want more solid reason to by this OnePlus phone? You should watch the video from PhoneArena. The reviewer says that OnePlus 7T is absolutely killing it in terms of speed and performance. The 90 Hz refresh rate is something that can be compared to a turbine in a car! He compares the phone with Galaxy S10 that is nowhere near to the 7T, all thanks to 90 Hz display.